Woman trapped in car for 8 days tells husband she called 911

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By KOMO Staff & News Services

SEATTLE -- A woman who survived more than a week trapped in the wreckage of her sport-utility vehicle woke up in her hospital bed Monday morning and told her husband she remembers making a 911 call.

"She remembers being trapped," Tanya Rider's husband, Tom, told KOMO. "She kept complaining about the seat belt and not being able to get out. And then she told me she made a 911 call at the time of the accident."

Tanya Rider is seen in this undated photo.

He said he has not had a chance to review the registry of outgoing calls on her cell phone, but said he doesn't believe the call would show up because 911 calls he made recently on his cell phone don't show up among his outgoing calls.

"My wife has never, in her whole life, lied," Tom said. "The only reason that the sheriff and the governor are getting the benefit of my doubt is because I know when you're trapped like that, sometimes your mind can play tricks on you."

King County Sheriff Sue Rahr said the department was checking to see whether a 911 call was made. She said it's possible that if a call was indeed made that it may have been routed to another agency.

Investigators believe Tanya Rider ran off the road Sept. 20 while driving home after working an overnight shift at a department store. Search crews using cell phone technology found her Thursday in her mangled SUV in a ravine off a highway near Renton on the route she drives home from work.

Tom Rider has bitterly described his fight to get authorities to launch a search for his wife. King County Sheriff Sue Rahr has ordered a review of all 911 calls related to Tanya Rider's case, saying that if any mistakes were made, they'll be addressed.

The 33-year-old Maple Valley woman was taken to the hospital in critical condition suffering from kidney failure, dehydration, a badly injured left leg, a broken collar bone and a deep gash on her forehead. She was upgraded to satisfactory condition on Sunday.

On Monday morning, Tom Rider said his wife was "doing much better than anyone could ever expect." He said she was undergoing surgery for the damage to her forehead, and to close up skin on her injured left leg, which doctors have said they hope they will not have to amputate.

"The fact that she remembers being trapped is devastating," he said. 

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