Teachers Head Back to School at Selma City Schools


By George McDonald

From the West Alabama Newsroom--  Teachers and staff at Selma City Schools reported for duty -- and they're ready to get back to the work of educating students in the district.

"We're going to be facilitators of learning so that we meet our students where they are and bring them up where they need to be," said Selma High principal Aubrey Larkin.

The state took over the system last year and removed three top administrators after an investigation uncovered academic and sexual misconduct in the system. The investigation stemmed from the arrest of a teacher who is now serving jail-time for having sexual contact with students. Larry Dichara is the man the state brought in to help turn things around.

"We got great people here and we're trying to do is show them that all you have to do is do things the right way and you've got incredible potential in this city and in this school district," said DiChiara.

He said working to rebuild the trust of the community will continue to be a top priority of the school district.