Selma Residents React to State Take Over of City Schools


By George McDonald

From the West Alabama Newsroom--  The State Board of Education decision to takeover Selma City Schools has been met with mixed emotions by people in Selma.

The state intervention into the city school system has residents talking - and been a hot topic of discussion on local talk radio shows.

The state board intervened to address problems uncovered by a state investigation that found sexual and academic misconduct in the Selma city school system.

"Whatever's best for the children," said Selma resident Malcom Crittenden. "If its going to bring a better education and overall be a better Selma, so if this is what the children need then I'm all for it."

Selma resident Dannie Daniels questions the intervention. "Is it going to be better? What we're looking for is a better education for our children," she said.

State officials plan to meet with Selma school officials by next week to begin corrective action.