River People React to Record Breaking Gator


By George McDonald

From the West Alabama Newsroom--  A team of alligator hunters bag a 15 foot gator -- weighing more than a thousand pounds over the weekend -- and it took them ten hours to reel it in.

The giant beast measured 15 feet -- and weighed in at a whopping 1011 and a half lbs. It was caught by John and Mandy Stokes -- Kevin Jenkins -- and his children 16 year old Savannah and 14 year old Parker.

The half ton behemoth is believed to be the largest alligator ever legally killed by an Alabama hunter.

"They say its definitely a state record and it's a good possibility its a world record," said Johnathan Hargreaves with Millers Ferry Marina and Restaurant. "People say there's some bigger than that here so, who knows."

Gordon McLendon runs the Sandbar @ Selma Marina.
"I was a little surprised at the size of it," said McLendon. "I'm not saying it (the new state record) will never be broken, there might be some bigger, but if it is, its very few."

The previous state record holder was a 14 foot -- 2 inch -- 838 pound gator -- that was also caught in Wilcox County.