James Perkins Loses Close Selma Mayor Race to Incumbent George Evans


By Heather VacLav

It was a close mayor race in Selma, but incumbent George Evans ended the night with the win over former two-time mayor James Perkins Jr.
Perkins and Evans were close in votes before the absentee count, Evans: 3,410 and Perkins: 3240. After the absentee ballots were counted, Evans took a firm lead beating Perkins 54% to 46% or 4,129 to 3,553 votes.
Although James Perkins lost to Evans for the second time back-to-back, Perkins and the crowd handled the loss in high spirits.
Perkins entered his campaign headquarters knowing he lost to his competitor again, but greeted the crowd with a genuine smile. He walked around hugging and thanking each and every one of his
family members and supporters for their sacrifices.
Perkins says the 2012 mayor race was similar to last election, with a large percentage of Selma's African Americans not going to the polls. 
"We ran a campaign on truth," Perkins said to the crowd full of people. He said even though he didn't win, his heart has not changed for Selma.
"It's time to stop the competition and then begin the cooperation, thats important, I think its critical that we do that in Selma at this time," Perkins said.
A member of the crowd asked if Perkins would contest the decision against the incumbent mayor. Perkins said he would need hard evidence to consider it, but would make that decision at a later date in time.