Shoppers Race To Grocery Stores, Alabama Power Eyes Powerlines


By Catalina Trivino

Just as Montgomery prepares for the possible snow, grocery stores say they're getting hit hard, as well. Alabama Power is also gearing up for what's to come...

Shoppers we spoke with say they're trying not to be out driving to get their last minute items, especially if there is snow or ice -- so they're stocking up now.

And for any emergency, like a power outage, Alabama Power says they're trying to eye the power lines.

Shoppers in Montgomery are bracing themselves for the winter weather threat. Grocery stores, like Calhoun Foods, are already selling out of items as people prepare for the possible snow and ice.

"Canned goods, batteries, a lot of lunchables, party mean, just something that can get you by or through the event," Said Calhoun Foods Manager, Renard Calhoun, about the most popular items people are going for.

Water has also been such a high demand, they had to make an extra aisle for it.

"Of course, water is very important. You can't do anything without water, cook or anything! So just incase anything happens, I want the family to be safe and make sure we have water to be hydrated," Said shopper, Lorenzo Gilchrist.

Store managers tell us they've seen a 15 percent increase of customers coming in since the weekend. Dominique Macon says it's better to be prepared then to not have enough food stocked.

"I'm getting everything I need to do today because it is going to be dangerous out there. The roads are going to be slippery and stuff is going on," Said Macon.

And while shoppers are getting their last minute items, just outside -- Alabama Power is watching the power lines.

External Affairs Manager, Mike Jordan, is asking people to eye heavy powerlines hanging low.

"Stay away from powerlines. If they are on the ground it's impossible to know if those are engergized or de-energized. Stay away from them," Said Jordan.

Jordan says they've got an extra crew that has been monitoring this weather the last few days. they're asking people to be safe on the roads as well...

Alabama power says they also need your help in reporting any outages. The number to report an outage is 1-800-888-2726.