Windcreek State Park Officials See High Turn Out During Memorial Day Weekend


By Catalina Trivino

Memorial Day has thousands going to Elmore county to enjoy Lake Martin, as well as the Wind Creek State Park campground, which is known as the largest operated campground in the nation -- but exactly how packed has it been this weekend?

The campground is five spots shy from being booked full this Memorial Day Weekend. You're looking at 545 campsites, peaking at the highest capacity for Windcreek State Park, located right off Lake Martin in Elmore County.

"It's packed. We came last year for spring break and it was the same way. And every campsite is full," Said Chelsea resident, Mike Burroughs.

Park Superintendent, Jimmy Shivers, says that's because this weekend is the busiest of the year.

He says the number of people and campsites occupied has more than doubled.


"The picnicking and the day use area are so popular that they're coming down, they're swimming in the lake," Said Shivers.

He says so far, about 2,500 people only bought single-day passes to enjoy the campground and the lake -- that's not including campers. The park office says more than 1,600 people are staying over night, including, Mike Burroughs and his family. He tells us he's saving money by spending his vacation weekend here.

"It costs about 24 dollars a night... something like that. I mean, you're going to spend a weekend [here] what you're going to spend in gas just to go anywhere else," Said Burroughs.

Mike Ross from Alabaster says it gets so full, you have to plan ahead.

"The park doesn't take reservations online, so I had my son come down Monday and set us up a site because it gets so packed here Memorial Day holidays. So, we set up a site [and] came in on Friday, so we could enjoy the weekend together," Said Ross.

"They're coming in steady today, there's a steady line coming in so we'll probably hit or exceed that," Said Shivers.

And there won't be room for last minute travelers. Only about 30 of the 545 campsites left Sunday night. Come Monday, about 400 to 500 campsites will free up after the holiday is over.

The park office tells us there's usually about 275 campsites occupied during a normal summer weekend, totaling about 800 people.

The park is also in the midst of upgrading another 39 sites. Making them larger and putting in 50-amp electrical services and sewage drains.

The park superintendent tell us they hope to finish the project by Spring 2014.