Will Alabama Secede?


By Ellis Eskew

It may sound crazy to some, but it definitely has people talking. Can Alabama secede from the nation?

The Obama Administration created a website called "We the People." It allows any American to create a petition and voice their opinion.

Those protesting the outcome of the election are using the site to try to withdraw from the union.

"I think it's kind of ridiculous. I think it is ok to protest. But that's why we vote. And if your vote doesn't carry the majority, then you vote again next time. It's part of the system...why we are the way we are," said Russ McKinney.

"I just don't think it's a good idea. It's a good idea-- but not realistic," said Barry Cobb.

Political science professor at Huntingdon College Dr. Jeremy Lewis says seceding would only be worse for Alabama's economy.

"We could have a hard time like Greece. We depend on heavy federal benefits to our economy. We get a lot more from the federal government than we give in taxes," said Lewis.

Alabama already has more than 27 thousand signatures on the petition.

So, The White house will have to respond.

The only problem is, as Dr. Lewis tells us, actually seceding from the union is not even possible.

 "Even though they are quoting from the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution came in 1787. So its years later and the constitution does not include any feature for a state to secede the union," said Lewis. 

The people we talked to say there are better ways to face our country's problems.

I don't think it's a good idea. I think we all just need to come together and figure out the best plan possible to get us out of the situation that we're in," said Jamilia Colquitt.

Governor Bentley says he does not support the petition calling for the state's secession.