Wilcox Co. Group Threatens Protest Over Superintendent Selection


By George McDonald

From the CBS 8 West Alabama Newsroom-- The Wilcox County School Board selects a new superintendent-- but not everyone is happy with the school board's choice.


A group of parents and residents in Wilcox County is planning to pull their children out of school to protest the selection of a candidate from outside the county.

Two of the six finalists for the job were from Wilcox County and the group wanted the school board to choose one of them.


Camden resident Lauretha Cochran has four children in the school system.

”Our board members are not listening to us. We see that. That was proven to us last night. They're not listening to us. We voted them in to speak for us but they're not speaking for us they're speaking on their own, they're speaking for what they want not what the citizens of Wilcox County want,” said Cochran.