What's Next For Former Centenial Hill Bar And Grill?


By Catalina Trivino

The double murder inside the old Rose Supper Club last weeekend has residents of Montgomery's Centenial Hill neighborhood unnerved. Despite some significant improvements in the area, they say they are worried about the killings and other violence. And they want to know what the city plans to do.

Mayor Todd Strange says he's angry about the murders and one killing is one too many. Meanwhile, a petition is being passed around to tear down the building where the Centenial Hill Bar and Grill (the former Rose Supper Club) used to be.

On a day when people are celebrating, others are remembering victims of this year's homicides in Montgomery. Strange says he's looking past that, and something needs to be done to prevent crime.

In the case of Centenial Hill Bar and Grill, where Troy University student, Kimberle Johnson, and rapper, Doe B. were shot and killed over the weekend, Strange says that business has been shut down.

"Our job is to make sure  that nothing goes back in here that really does create this type of environment again," Said Strange, who suggests putting a church or a child-care center in the building instead.

But could the building be torn down? That's what more than 2,000 petitioners are asking the city to do and Strange says while that's not likely, it's not impossible.

"We will look at like safety issues, from a structural stand point, we will review some things that have gone on in the past about the structure of the building and we may come to that," Said Strange.

But Theresa Tisdell , who lives at the Plaza at Centenial Hill, the area's newest apartments, says the bar needs to be wiped out for the neighborhood to improve.

"We're trying to improve and get better and then this happens? I hope they don't open it back up. I hope it is torn down and burned because that's a death trap. It has been over the years," Said Tisdell.

Whether it's a church, child-care center, whatever it may be... Mayor Strange says the most important thing is for the city to work with the community to bring something in the building that is positive.

Strange says the city plans to inspect the building soon. Montgomery Police say there have been arrests in all but six of the city's 49 murders during 2013.