Can The Plaza At Centennial Hill Stay Crime Free?


By Ashley Thompson

What was once Victor Tulane Court in Montgomery is becoming The Plaza at Centennial Hill. Workers are out day in and day out constructing the new housing unit.

The Plaza has made big strides since its' groundbreaking back in May. The framework for 129 town homes and apartment flats can be seen from Hall Street. This 22 million dollar development is the first phase of a multiphase project.

"The project itself will I think serve as a very major catalyst for that entire area... the area surrounding Oak Park called Centennial Hill...the area near Adams Avenue," says Deputy Mayor Jeff Downes.

Tulane Court, the former housing community, did have its share of crime and with the new housing sitting in the same area of town, some wonder whether it will be able to avoid the same trouble.

"There's always a vigilance on the part of the city to make sure that we have a safe city no matter what quadrant of the city that is. We do know in areas that have some dilapidated housing have other opportunities for crime. We have to be super vigilant. We have to have our public safety resources employed to be as strong as they can if that's a need for the area," says Downes.

Residents in the area say they don't think the Plaza will fall victim to the same crime as Tulane Court. In fact, some say crime may actually drop.

"It'll probably go down now because it'll probably be different people living out there and more people -probably mature people. And the crime rate would probably go down," says local Cortez Thomas.

"They're going to try to turn it into Tulane but I don't think...they aint going to have that. I would actually like to move over there," says local Dayshawn Montgomery.

The new housing development is on track to be open and ready for tenants by next summer.