3 Shootings In the Last Week Has Tuskegee Residents Concerned


By Jessica Gertler

Three shootings in Tuskegee in the last six days leave many residents concerned, so city leaders are stepping in.

Mayor-Elect Johnny Ford is calling it a crime wave. Three shootings that have left two people dead. Ford says he's taking action and wants residents to join his efforts.

Ford says for Tuskegee residents, there's nothing scarier this Halloween than knowing three shooters are at large.

"This killing, this crime can not be tolerated," he says.

Authorities are investigating three separate shootings in Tuskegee.

The first happened Thursday on Althea Street. Investigators say 25-year-old Christopher Banks was shot twice in his car and pronounced dead at the scene.

The second happened Sunday just after church let out.  Authorities say a teenager was shot and killed at the Auto Pride Car Wash on West Montgomery Road.

Erick Butler passes the spot every time he walks his dog.

"Very fearful for the kids around here, and the next feeling was what can we do to stop it," says Butler.

The third shooting happened Monday. Authorities say it involved an off-duty police officer.

"it is in my neighborhood. I just moved over here," says resident Don Watkins. "I have a six-year-old son, so it does bother me," he says.

Ford will take over as Mayor on Monday, and says he plans on turning things around. The first item on his agenda: moving the police department to downtown Tuskegee in the Charles G. Gomillion Building by the end of the year.

"We are coming out of the chute swinging!" Ford says. "The police department must be a visible and viable force."

Ford also plans on starting more neighborhood watch programs, and sitting down with the police department to find out what equipment they need. 

Ford is holding a town hall meeting tomorrow at 5:30 in the Macon County Court House. He is asking residents to come out, ask questions and voice their concerns.