Troy University Has Big Plans in the Works for 2013


By Brittany Bivins

Troy University officials are unveiling some of the university's big projects for the new year, and they say some big plans are in the works.

Construction is right on schedule for the new $11.8 million dorm on Troy's campus, the first of its kind for the university because it's a faith-based initiative, and part of a collaboration with the Catholic Archdiocese of Mobile.

"This residence hall will be designed for students who are coming from a faith-based background, and it will have a Catholic Newman Center on the property as well," said Dr. John Dew, Senior Vice Chancellor of Student Services.

Students can move in this fall, and some are already planning on it.

"I was hoping to see the new dorms that they're building, which look awesome from the way they look on the outside, I just can't wait. Hopefully, I can apply for it and get in," said Erin Billups.

"It's just better place to live than the old ones, you know, and it's near stuff, and it makes me feel better at home," said Ena Rodriquez.

Troy's new band hall is also getting a lot of buzz. the $7.5 million facility should be completed be the end of this year. "We've had a Long Hall for a number of years, so we decided to expand it, and we're building huge growth in that area in support of our music program," said Dr. Dew.

"I'm very excited about the new band building, and that's going to be awesome," said student Jonathan Watts.

The university also hopes to open a veterans center and open Janice Hawkins Park on campus by the end of the year.