Tiger Fans React To Auburn Loss


By Catalina Trivino

Auburn and Arkansas saw Saturday's matchup as a must-win, but the Razorbacks came on top, out-performing Auburn on the football field, bringing the Tigers its fourth loss of the season. And now, fans are reacting for what this means for head coach, Gene Chizik. Could the head coach's future be in jeopardy? Or do fans think he could be in Auburn for the longhaul?

"We're going to continue to figure out how to fix it and the bottom line is that, you know, the Auburn fans and Auburn family.. they did not deserve this today. And I apologize to anybody that came to the game to watch it," Said Chizik after Saturday's game.

Chizik didn't sugarcoat his team's loss after the Razorbacks won 24 to 7 Saturday. Failing to get another win means a 1-4 record. And some Tiger fans say it's a disturbing new trend.

"I think Auburn needs to revamp the football program. It's kind of depressing to see that we were champions 2 years ago and now we're losing to teams like Clemson, Arkansas... It's kind of sad," Said student, Cecilia Plascia.

"Just horrible. Pretty embarrassing. Just a bad year for football. Maybe next year will be better," Said another student, Ross Crawford.

But for other fans, Tiger Pride overcomes the bitterness of another loss.

"I want to keep Gene as the head coach. I mean, I'm not one to just sit there and say, 'fine' and get rid of him. I really feel like he's our guy for a good while," Said alumnus, David Pride.

"I definitely think that with SEC football he'll be under surveilance, but I mean, all the students support him, I know all the faculty I know support him, so I don't think anything is going to really happen to him without a backlash from the whole Auburn family," Said student, Erin Schramm.

But if this habit continues, will Chizik be on the hot seat? CBS-8 Sports Analyst, John Longshore, believes this isn't the end for Chizik, but it's time for him to step it up.

"When you make it public with the fanbase, there again, that to me is a bad sign," Said Longshore in reference to Chizik's apology to the fans on Saturday's press conference. "That's a sign of weakness. Auburn is lacking leadership and I've been saying that for several weeks now. Gene Chizik's got to put his foot down, let everybody know who's in charge and he's got to be the leader."

Next week, another morning kick off is set as Auburn plays Ole Miss.