Text Message Scam Targets Hundreds of Troy Banking Customers


By Brittany Bivins




Banks in Troy are warning their customers to ignore a text message they say is a scam aimed at stealing personal information.

Local banks first heard about the texting scam Wednesday afternoon, and they say, it could be impacting up a thousand people across our area.

This is what hundreds of people in Troy saw on their cell phones a message reading "Bank alert: your card has been deactivated, and giving a number to call.

When we tried it on Thursday, the number had been disconnected.

Customers say on Wednesday they heard an automated message telling them to input their debit card number and expiration date to reactivate their them. Troy banks say it didn't come from them.

"We were alerted because of the numerous phone calls and we then took appropriate action which was let our bank employees know number one, so all branches would be aware and we then sent alerts to online banking customers and our homepage," said Amy Russell with Troy Bank & Trust.

"Before I knew, I would have called and I would have gave them my number and they would have had access to all of my money in my account and I would've been a in a lot of trouble," said Tiffany Bryan.

Troy Bank & Trust employees say if you have received this message don't respond, and make sure to contact your bank if you've already given personal information, so they can help you protect your money.