Tax Hike to Benefit Schools in Dallas Co.


By George McDonald

Sales taxes are going up in Dallas County.

Officials say the new sales tax will charge half a cent per every dollar spent and will go to the general operation fund of the Dallas County School System.

Dallas County Probate Judge Kim Ballard said he decided to bring the measure to the county commission as a way of helping the school system improve its financial condition.

"It was rather appalling to me when I found out that the Dallas County School System in terms of local support was number 131 out of a 132 systems in Alabama," said Ballard.

"So we talked with the state, talked with Dr. Craig Pouncey months ago and he told of the eminent possibility, probability of the state having to come in and get involved get involved in the management of the school system and we didn't want that."

The increase is scheduled to take effect November first.