Tallapoosa County Prepares For Potential Winter Weather


By Amanda Wade

With Northern and Central Alabama expecting Winter weather between Sunday and Tuesday, counties on the line of the winter storm are taking their own set of precautions, in case the storm shifts a bit South.

As of Sunday, Tallapoosa is not under a winter storm watch, but the county is near the line where the current watch is in effect, so emergency officials are taking extra precautions to make sure Tallapoosa stays safe.
The roads in Tallapoosa county still have piles of sand from Winter Storm 2014 almost two weeks ago, and because the storm caught some counties in Alabama off guard, Tallapoosa Emergency Management Agency director, Joe Paul Boone, says they are not taking any chances to prepare for a storm, even though the possibility of the county getting winter weather is slim to none, " Of course our hospitals and our nursing homes, those people have workers that are possibly from the impacted counties where we'll be having bad weather, so they will want to be getting their preparedness plans out and looking at them and thinking about their workers," says Boone.
Tallapoosa County Sheriff Jimmy Abbett says communication is key during severe weather, and he plans to use social medial to keep the community up to date, "We used our Twitter account and also the Tallapoosa County Sheriff's Facebook during our weather a couple of weeks ago that we had, we actually used that to stay in contact with the public," says Abbett.
The EMA director also says they are still just watching the weather for any changes and keeping in touch with the National Weather Service so they will be ready if winter weather heads South.