Police Search for Suspect in String of Burglaries in Southview Community


By Heather VacLav

Montgomery Police need citizen’s help in finding a suspect they believe is responsible for a string of burglaries over the past eight months.

The burglars are targeting the Southview Community and have stolen more than $100,000 in property from at least 17 homes. From bikes to baseball cards and everything in between, police recovered items like electronics, jewelry and guns from the primary suspect’s home Thursday night.

19-year old Lamarcus Sankey is wanted for 14 felony warrants on theft and burglary charges. Police also arrested a black male teenager in connection with the burglaries.

Police Chief Joe Murphy says this is the largest link of home burglaries he’s seen in the past few years.

Since January of 2012, the police believe Sankey and the juvenile stole goods from homes across a mile and half radius around Narrow Lane Road and Norman Bridge Road.

Despite obtaining a search warrant for Sankey’s home, police only recovered $10,000 worth of stolen goods; the rest is still unknown, just like the where-abouts of the primary suspect.

Chief Murphy says citizens were key to breaking this case of robberies, but a lot more work is still to be done.

“This actually is going to clear 22 cases, that we know at this point and that may extend further,” Murphy said in a press conference Friday afternoon.

Pointing at the recovered property, Chief Murphy said, “What you're seeing here is representative of ten of those [burglaries], but there's a lot more property back there that we just haven’t physically identified and connected yet.”

Murphy believes it is likely there are other burglaries police will connect with Sankey and the juvenile in custody. While searching Sankey’s home, located near the houses he is accused of stealing from, police found thousands of dollars worth of property not matched up to the interviewed victims.

Police say Sankey is considered armed and dangerous. If you see him, please call Montgomery police at 334-241-2651. To remain anonymous you can call the Secret Witness Line, 334-262-4000.