Summer Jobs Easy To Find For Many Students


By Amanda Wade

 Unemployment is up more than half a percent from this time last year, but that is not stopping many students from finding jobs quickly. 

Two college roommates say this is the first year they are working through the Summer, and finding a job took less time than they thought, "Truthfully, you just got to get out there and look. I found mine within a day," says Jake Green, who just started his Summer job at Dreamland BBQ. 
Lawrencia Blevins, who is about to graduate high school, says, "Well, actually I got lucky because a friend of mine came to school and said, 'We need more people at our job,' so I was like okay I'll go because I need the extra money because I'm leaving in August. So, it was kind of easy for me."
Unemployment in Montgomery is at 6.4%; up from the 5.8% just last April, but some college students are not looking for new jobs, "Summer time is great for us because they all come home for summer time and so, you know, when we may have had like five people available, suddenly we have 10," says Matthew Simpson, manager of Mugshots in Montgomery.
For Downtown Montgomery businesses, Biscuits baseball games and activities at the performing arts center are bringing in record breaking sales.
If you are having trouble finding summer work, here is the tip managers say makes a difference in any interview, "Be professional. If you look like you just rolled in out of bed trying to fill out an application, we're probably going to put your file in that little special folder that doesn't really get any attention," says Simpson.
Managers also say they look for employees with an outgoing and positive attitude that will make customers feel welcome in their businesses.
Alabama's unemployment rate is above the national rate by 0.6% for April.