Steven Reed Shares Plans As Montgomery Co. Probate Judge


By Catalina Trivino

In Montgomery County -- the biggest upset in Tuesday's election was the Probate Judge Race. Political newcomer, Steven Reed, beat longtime probate judge, Reese McKinney. And now, Reed says it's time to get to work...

Steven Reed says it's been a long time coming -- with a campaign lasting nearly 11 months, he says it's a sweet victory. Now, he looks forward to leading and serving the people.

"We were thinking all along it was going to be a close race. We knew we were going up against a formidable opponent who had a very good campaign," Said Reed.

But last Tuesday's election results were a shocker. New to the political scene, democratic candidate, Steven Reed, won the race for Montgomery County Probate Judge, a position held by a longtime probate in Montgomery Politics -- Reese McKinney. But Reed is moving forward to keep his plans for Montgomery County on track.

"The first thing is we plan... we have a transition team and we're going to work with Judge McKinney, who's been very cooperative in offering his services and offering the staff to work with us on the hand-off to be sure that the people's business is taken care of seemlessley," Said Reed.

Steven Reed is a familiar house-hold name in Montgomery -- his father, Joe Reed, was a longtime Democratic activist during the 1960's. He was also the chairman of Alabama's Democratic Party -- and watching Dad growing up influenced Steven Reed's ideas and goals in politics.

"I think the biggest lesson was to have a strong value system," answered Reed when asked about his most valuable lesson from his father. "And to make your word your bond and to be strong in your beliefs and go with those beliefs and be grounded in God's word and to really let that lead you."

But as for changes to come, Reed says he wants to assess the operations of the Probate Judge's office. He'll also be looking at the Eastside Probate Office in Montgomery County.

"There's been some disagreement about the cost of the renovation. I just want to be sure that we are managing the tax payers money efficiently, effectively and conservatively so that we can make sure we're not stepping out a little too much on that," Said Reed.

Reed has not previously held public office, but he's served a senior aide to former Lieutenant Governor Jim Folsum Junior and has been an active member in the Democratic Party. He plans on teaming up with city and civic leaders to make sure they're on the same page. He wants to work more with the county commission and local lawmakers.

He will hold the Probate Judge seat for the next six years.