State Education Looking For More Money In FY 2014


By Lisa Blackwell

State educators are looking at doing more with less but they're hoping legislators will give them some funding relief.

State Superintendent Tommy Bice says he's hoping legislators will approve some new money for Arts Education, Pre-K programs and improvement of existing programs.

He's hoping he can get approval to share services with state agencies like mental health and cut down on duplication of services.

Bice says the system has lost over 1300 teachers and the funding to train existing teachers due to budget cuts. He's hoping he can shift some funding around to develop the teachers he still has.

"One of the things we've heard clearly from the Governor and the legislative leadership is that agencies need to be more efficient so we've looked at what we do and what we've done in the past and take money that's been spent on other things in the past and repurpose it to spend on some of the new directions so I hope they'll see that as us taking that role very seriously," said Bice.

State Senator Bryan Taylor says legislators need to do whatever they can to help students and educators in the long run and look forward to working with Dr. Bice with his proposals.

The additional funding requests are for the 2014 fiscal year which would take effect October 2013.



The state board of education is working on priorities for the next legislative session.

They're hoping lawmakers will find around 30 million dollars more in the budget for reform and improvements.