Sports Analysis from John Longshore


By CBS 8 News

CBS 8 Sports Analyst John Longshore was on CBS 8 News at 6:00 to talk about Alabama's big wins and Auburn's big challenges.

Longshore says that Bama is a 51-point favorite over Florida-Atlantic on Saturday. He says he can't remember, even back to the 1970s, if the Crimson Tide has ever been so heavily favored going into a game. He says we can expect to see 2nd, 3rd and 4th teamers take the field early.

Longshore believes it could be tough for the team to do more than just go through the motions in the next few weeks, facing not only Florida-Atlantic, but Ole Miss before having an off week. That could make the game against Missouri an important test.

As for Auburn, Longshore doesn't expect the Tigers can pull off an upset win over 2nd-ranked LSU at home on Saturday. He says Auburn can't tackle and there's not been any great performance at the quarterback position. But he says it's too soon for Auburn fans to hit the panic button.