Some Residents Want Gun Buy Back Day In Montgomery


By Catalina Trivino

There have been nine homicides in Montgomery this year -- with four of them happening in the last seven days. So what do people who live in those neighborhoods where the killings and other types of violence happened want to see changed?

The trend with all these murders is that each of them has a gun. We went to each of these streets where the murders have taken place and in listening to neighbors, they say they want the guns off their streets.

Here's the scene from last Tuesday: Blue lights on lower Wetumpka Road. Police say the shooting was due to an ongoing dispute. On Wednesday, surveilance video shows this man going inside the four way convenience store on Mobile Road. Police say that person shot the clerk. Then Thursday -- a man was shot at Columbia Avenue and Bellview Road. And the latest shooting early Sunday morning police say it stemmed from an argument.

Four murder scenes in one week. The weapons used? Guns.

"Gun buy. They need to get the community and tell them to turn in these guns in. Hot guns in," Said Tamesha Vinson, who wants to see a gun buy back happen. She lives off Columbia Avenue and says its common for people to walk on her street with guns.

She says Thursday's shooting hit home for her. Not only does she live on the street where the murder happened, but it brings back to memories of one of her family members who was killed in a shooting earlier this year.

"It hurts me so bad. I miss my little cousin! I can't even bring him back!"

Ruthie Taylor lives on Mobile Road, where the store clerk died. She wants her neighborhood to partner with law enforcement to collect guns off the street, too.

"Everybody in the community ought to just pull together and say, 'hey! Let's pull together and see what can be done about this!' I mean you know, I'm tired!  I'm quite sure other people are tired, too," Said Taylor.

Pastor Ed Nettles, who's worked to fight crime for years, says he wants the community to come together to make a buy back happen.

"Murders, you cant predict how many there is going to be this year. If we can get them and get control of their thinking and change their mindset, we can change the number of victims we have each year," Said Nettles.

Last time Montgomery held a gun buy back day was in 2011. They were able to get 127 guns off the street. Of those 127 guns, 5 of them were reported stolen, no questions asked.