Parents Speak Out About NRA's Smartphone Shooting Range Game


By Jessica Gertler

Gun violence has become a hot button issue after the deadly school shooting in Connecticut. But when the National Rifle Association released a virtual shooting range game for smart phones that allows children as young as four years old to play, many parents are speaking out.

With the touch of a button, and a quick download, you can enter a virtual shooting range.

The NRA has released a free game for children ages four and up. It can be downloaded on your I-Phone or I-Pad, and is described as a game with fun challenges and realistic simulations.

"I don't think this is an appropriate game for young children," says Spencer Swan of Montgomery.

The app has sparked controversy. Some parents say it instills gun violence at a young age.

" I don't think I would want to teach a little kid how to use a gun, not at four years old!" says Jennifer Henman of Montgomery.

"I wouldn't recommend this for young kids," says Dorsey Morrow, who is a parent. "I'm talking like under eight-years-old or above that. When they start to understand how guns operate, and how deadly they can be, and how to respect them."

A month ago, 20 students were shot and killed at an elementary school in Newtown, Conn. sparking a national debate over gun violence.. Alabama Lawmakers like Senator Bryan Taylor of Prattville want to ensure parents never have to face a similar situation.

"A lot of schools do not have one designated person whose sole job is to monitor the students and roam the hallways and identify the problems before they start," says Taylor.

And the list of how to curb gun violence continues.  Some folks we spoke with support a ban on assault rifles like the one used in the Newtown shootings. But for others like Henman, more rules and regulations are not the answer.

"Making more laws is just going to put more limitations on those of us who are law-abiding citizens who have a right by the 2nd Amendment to defend ourselves," she says.

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