Second Rhino Dies At Montgomery Zoo


By Catalina Trivino

Another rhino at the Montgomery Zoo has died -- this comes after it's calf passed away about a month ago.
Montgomery zoo officials are trying to figure out what killed 12-year-old rhino, Jeta. They say they found her laying in her pen unresponsive overnight.
It's this rhino exhibit that's stolen many hearts over the years, but now there's only one rhino left. Montgomery zoo officials say Jeta became anemic after the birth of her baby calf, Ethan.
They monitored her white blood cell count this week and noticed it was too high.
"She did not respond well to the antibiotics, so we started her on like what humans do. Vitamin B12 and steroids and trying to see if we can figure out what was wrong," Said Montgomery Zoo Deputy Director, Marcia Woodward.

Woodward said Jeta showed signs of improvement the night before. Zoo officials say they're not sure if Ethan's death has anything to do with Jeta's death, but it is possible.


Nine-year-old Emma Johnson says she thinks the death of Jeta's calf affected her both physically and emotionally, like it would for a person.

"Some people get really sad when they're in babies die and so they get really stressed out and sometimes they get really sick and they die," Said Johnson.
Jeta was a resident at the zoo for seven years and Montgomery Zoo officials say it's like losing a member of the family. An animal autopsy is being performed and those results will take about four weeks to get back.
Tests are being done on the third rhino at the zoo and zoo officials say he's taking preventative medicine.
They're awaiting results for the calf's deaths as well.