'Secede' Billboard Taken Down After Complaints Threaten Business


By Amanda Wade

A billboard in Montgomery has been taken down because it caused quiet a stir after only two days above I-85.

The billboard was put up by The League of the South. It only said one word; secede. But after complaints from other customers, the billboard company decided to pull it down. 
The Alabama League of the South Chairman, Mike Whorton, says it was part of a movement to make people aware of their cause to have southern states secede from the nation, "It's a very simple message, secede. means just what it says. The people of the south, this is not a fringe movement."
The group's president says Lamar Advertising sent him an email saying they were taking the billboard down. This came after complaints from other advertisers who threatened to discontinue business with the company if they did not remove the ad.
The Southern Poverty Law Center says the League of the South is a hate group, "This is a crudely white supremacist group that somehow imagines that it is actually going to convince southerners, white southerners, to undergo the drastic experiment of seceding. It didn't work out very well last time and it certainly won't work out this time either," says Mark Potok, a Senior Fellow with the SPLC.
Montgomery residents, like Monte Mays, say with a city so rich in Civil Rights history, they are glad to see the billboard is gone, "Personally, I think it's disrespectful. With the heritage and the legacy that Montgomery has with the Civil Rights Movement and moving forward. Just about freedom and justice and I think it's very disrespectful."
The League of the South chairman says they will be looking for another place to put the billboard back up in the city. 
There was another secede billboard in Tallahassee, Florida that stayed up for two months across from the state capitol building.