River Falls Mayor Mary Hixon Arrested On Theft Of Property Charges


By Catalina Trivino

Covington County's District Attorney tells CBS-8 they found discrepancies in how the city's funds were being spent -- and it's over $200,000 they're looking into.

She's 91-years-old -- and plead guilty of theft of property. Now former River Falls mayor, Mary Hixon, left the Covington County Courthouse after agreeing to cooperate in the investigation by testifying against others involved as part of her plea agreement.

"She used town monies to benefit either herself or her family or people she had a business association with and she did so illegally and without the proper authority of the town itself," Said Covington County's District Attorney, Walt Merrell.

Covington County District Attorney Walt Merrell says a published report about how Hixon sold city property to someone she lived with is what prompted the investigation. Investigators searched her home, town hall, and place of employment. As a result, both the the DA's office and Opp police criminal investigator, Kevin Chance, determined Hixon took or misappropriated city money.

"Some examples would be in one instance, she used the town money to pay the utility bills on a piece of property that her and another individual had a business running at," Said Merrell.

"The investigation has been pretty lengthy. There are still more records we have to look at to determine if anybody else is involved in this," Said Chance.

The arrest of Mayor Hixon has River Falls residents concerned.

"She was a nice lady. Nice old lady, but she wasn't accountable to anybody. So she just do what she had to do and if you wanted something from her, she'd refer you to somebody else," Said resident, Otis Ryce, who has lived in River Falls for 25 years.

Hixon was given a 10 year sentence, but it was suspended for 5 years of supervised probation. Merrell says it appears other arrests may be coming.



River Falls Mayor, Mary Hixon, has been arrested and pleaded guilty after investigators say they found thousands of dollars in town funds missing. She has also resigned from the mayor's seat, one she's held for more than three decades.