Retired Teacher Speaks Out About MPS Grade Changing Allegations


By Jessica Gertler


A former Montgomery School teacher speaks out about the grade changing allegations made on some Montgomery Public Schools. She says many teachers gave passing grades to students who were failing, and administrators knew about it.




"The grade changes started blatantly about two years ago," says Lesa Keith, who retired from teaching at Lee High School last spring.

That's when Keith, who taught psychology at Lee for 28 years, says she noticed a change in her class.

"The kids didn't want to try. They didn't want to turn in fun projects, because they knew they were going to pass," says Keith. "I have said hundreds [of grades were changed], but I think I'm low."

Keith says it all started when Lee teachers were asked to turn in packets for every student who was failing, and in those packets, they were asked to show how they were helping those students improve their grades.

"These packets. I don't know that they existed. I don't think when the state or the District Attorney goes looking for these, I don't think he's going to find too many packets," says Keith.

Instead, Keith says teachers were changing grades, and administrators knew about it.

"If [Superintendent Barbra Thompson] signed papers over grade changes over a year ago. If she didn't know it, what does she know," she says.


Thompson says her administration has never received a complaint until recently. That's why she asked the school board to hire an outside investigator.