Red Cross And Families Need Help After Rash Of Home Fires


By Catalina Trivino

Montgomery has had five fires in the last week that have left several families displaced without homes and now with the increase of fires, both families and the red cross need your help.

Wilhemina Thompson says all she and her family have is what you see in this closet -- a jacket and two pairs of shoes. That, along with the clothes they have on their backs.

This is video of their home that after it caught on fire on Thursday morning. It's just one of five homes caught on fire all in a week.

Her six children, her husband and herself are some of the 20 people who have been left homeless and are now living in hotels.

When we asked Thompson what she was left with, she told us, "My kids and me. With our lives. And I thank God for that because he must have woke me up to get us out of that house because if not, we probably would've burned up or suffocated from the smoke."

Red Cross officials say that's more fires than they have to deal with than usual.

"I would say we can attribute it to the cold weather and those families seeking heating sources, in many cases, having to go out to those space heaters or using fire places that may not have been used in a while," Said Robins.

While the Red Cross has an agreement with 20 local hotels in the River Region, and also help with food and clothing they still need your help with donations.

Thompson says you never know when you may be the one in the same position...

"We're always dropping dollars not knowing it's going to help somebody. Well now, it's going to help me because I have nothing," Said Thompson.

Red Cross says its even more of a necessity to donate during this time of year as temperatures continue to drop and more fires are caused by them.

 If you'd like to help these families and the Red Cross, you can do that by going to their website at