Pump Patrol: Pain At The Pump Continues To Rise


By Catalina Trivino

There's more pain at the pump as gas prices continue to spike -- and many of people are paying the highest they've paid since April...

Gasoline prices in Alabama are averaging $3.41 now according to Alabamagasprices.com -- that's 20 cents more a gallon than two weeks ago.

Expect to pay a little more in Greenville, where drivers are shelling out about $3.43 a gallon for regular gas.

It's just as expensive for gas stations -- Thomas Matthews, manager at the Shell Depot in Greenville, says they've hiked up the price 16 cents in the last two weeks.

"When people come in and prices is $4 a gallon, they're not going to buy the large drink, they'll buy a small drink or buy a small candy bar compared to two candy bars. So the price of gasoline for speculation, which is no solid reason except speculation, can create issues with business because there's just not enough money to go around," Said Matthews.

But those pumping in the capital city get to save a few bucks compared to those in Greenville. The average price of gas in Montgomery is now $3.32 a gallon, while it is still, an 18 cent increase from the Independence Day weekend prices.