Protesters Rally Against Gay Marriage In Front of SPLC Center


By Catalina Trivino

From Montgomery -- it's been a controversial question for years -- should Alabama recognize gay marriage? In the wake of a lawsuit between the Southern Poverty Law Center and the state, people against gay marriage are making their voices heard.

There were dozens of people outside the SPLC center in Montgomery...some of the signs they held read "Support Christian Marriage" and "God Sanctions Marriage... SPLC Should Not." -- in support of the state's ban against same-sex marriage.

Police blocked Washington Avenue in downtown Montgomery and people peered through windows. All looking down at this -- protestors with the League of the South and the Council of Conservative Citizens in front of the Southern Poverty Law Center -- saying Alabama should not recognize gay marriage.

BITE- Brad Griffin Council of Conservative Citizens
"I believe that the institution of marriage should be up to the state of Alabama to define, rather than federal judges and really unpopular pressure groups," Said Brad Griffin, a member of the Council of Conservative Citizens.

The group he's referring to, the SPLC, is defending Paul Hard and his husband, David in lawsuit. David was killed in a wreck in Prattville in 2011 just three months after they got married in Massachusetts. He left everything to Paul, but because the state does not recognize gay marriage, Paul can't share the claims of the lawsuit.

BITE- Richard Cohen, SPLC President
"The state of alabama wouldn't recognize their union and it's just wrong. just as the laws of interracial marriage were wrong, the laws against same-sex unions are equally wrong," Said SPLC President, Richard Cohen.

League of the South President, Michael Hill, says his group is right.

"That's what we're more concerned about than anything -- it's to protect the sanctity of marriage and not elevate something that God himself has called an abomination to the level of Christian marriage," Said Hill.

Now, a lawsuit against the State of Alabama has the SPLC trying to seek justice and two groups rallying for the law that bans the recognition of same sex marriage.

The SPLC says regardless of these groups, it won't back down from the lawsuit.