Voters Want Their Questions Answered at Wednesday's Presidential Debate


By Jessica Gertler

President Obama and Republican Challenger Mitt Romney will hold their first debate Wednesday night. What do Alabama voters want to see?

With the first presidential debate this Wednesday, we want to know what questions Alabamians want answered. CBS 8 news stopped by a barber shop in Montgomery and listened to the political chatter.

"Over the last month, we've been having quite a bit of discussion," says Vladimir Averett, Heritage Barber Shop owner. "This election is very heated. Kind of knowledgeable on both ends."

Averett says his shop has become an open floor discussion

And with the first presidential debate of 2012 just days away, his customers are voicing their concerns.

"We need to bring back a lot of the jobs we are seeing overseas that will build middle-class America. Like a lot of the manufacturing jobs that we see overseas," says customer Broderick Lenoard.
"More than anything it's just like the economy. I hope it will get better just so we can have jobs," says customer Imari Ramsey.

CBS 8 News Political Analyst Steve Flowers says those issues will be brought up on Wednesday.

"This particular debate, the first one, will be about domestic policy. Most will focus on the economy, so this will be the most important debate," he says.

Averett says most of his customers know what they want.

"I think my clientele have been favoring who is for the middle class," he says.

But there's still some who step into his shop who are still undecided.

"I can't even say who I am voting for. Just whoever can bring our economy back and bring us out of this slight depression," says Ramsey.

Flowers says most people that will be tuning in to Wednesday's debate already know who they are voting for. He says the only game changer is if one of the candidates does something out of the normal or makes a huge mistake.