Political Analysis from Steve Flowers


By CBS 8 News

CBS 8 Political Analyst Steve Flowers was on CBS 8 News at 10:00 to talk about the impact of the third and final presidential debate.

Flowers said while the debate in Boca Raton, Florida, was supposed to be about foreign policy, the candidates shifted the discussion to the economy several times. Flowers says that's because the economy is the issue that will decide the race.

While some national polls show President Obama leading Mitt Romney, and others showing the exact opposite, Flowers says he wants to remind voters that the president isn't elected nationally, but in 50 state elections.

He says election night will likely come down to two states, Ohio and Florida. He says that's the reason President Obama is highlighting the auto industry bailout, to appeal to Ohio voters with ties to the auto industry. Flowers says Romney is doing the same thing by speaking about Israel, to try to connect to Jewish voters in Florida.