Police Search for Suspect After Deadly Shooting Near ASU Campus


By Jessica Gertler

Police are searching for a killer who shot a man near the Alabama State University campus earlier this evening. We talked with students who witnessed the scene, and some say they are left with images they will never forget.

"All we know right now is there was a shooting that occurred right there in front of the t-shirts and athletic wear store," says Sgt. Regina Duckett with Montgomery Police Department. "The victim was pronounced deceased here at the scene."

Police are searching for answers after a man was shot and killed Monday evening on North University Drive just across the street from the ASU campus.

"I saw EMS pull up. Right after that, I saw an unmarked vehicle pull up, and when I looked up to see what was going on, I saw about four or five patrol cars," says witness David Walker.

Students surrounded the scene.

"It's right across the street like this could have happened to us. It could have happened to anybody," says Kameron Oliver, ASU student and witness.

Nicholas Rudolph was on his way to class.

"It's just heartbreaking to see someone get shot like that and to see a dead body on the street. It's just sad," says Rudolph. "I'll remember that for the rest of my life."

No arrests have been made, and the motive is still unanswered. But for some students, one thing is certain.

"It's just unexpected. We didn't expect it to happen. I mean this is something you don't look forward to anyways," says Oliver. "We hope it never happens again, because this is just bad. Bad publicity for our school."

ASU officials have confirmed the victim was not a student.

Police say they did arrest a few people at the scene. They say after further investigation, they don't believe they were suspects.