Plans Underway for New Middle School in Troy


By Brittany Bivins

A Troy middle school is getting a major makeover. Most of the main building at Charles Henderson Middle School will be demolished next year, and replaced with a newer, updated version. School officials say the change is necessary as enrollment increases.

The school was built in 1970. Students have filled the halls for 42 years now, but soon, Charles Henderson Middle School will have a whole new look. Students and parents say they're ready for it.

"The school is old, outdated. They need a newer, just a newer school," said Kelly Jordan, who was picking up her daughter after school.

Justin Tincombe, an eigth grader, agreed. "It has been getting a little bit old, the wallpaper is starting to shrivel up some, so yeah I think it's time to tear it on down and bring another one, make another one," he said.

The 6 million dollar project includes plans for a new cafetorium and plenty of extra space. School officials have tried quick fixes in the past for extra room, including building on top of part of the old parking lot for extra hall and locker space. However, Principal Aaron Brown says a new building will give the school room to expand.

"With more space, we're looking at being able to accommodate room for growth, we'll also have a new media center and with a new media center, we'll have more room for storage, and that's always a plus," he said.

School officials say there are other benefits that come with a new building "It spreads over into the attitude of the students, you know, when you look at coming to a new school, coming in and making it your own," said Brown.

More than 500 students are currently enrolled at Charles Henderson Middle. School officials say they'll have classes in the high school and temporary buildings while construction is underway. If everything goes to plan, they'll move into the new building in time fall of 2014. The project will be paid for with part of a 15 million dollar bond.