Pedestrian Hit By Car Speaks Out About Crash


By Catalina Trivino

It's a story of love and loss -- two pedestrians are hit in a crash and only one survived. The survivor was the victim's boyfriend, who says he  watched the crash happen... just after he gave her a hug goodbye and said 'I love you.'

25-year-old Ashley Mock and her boyfriend came out here to say goodbye to each other after a night in, but he never thought it'd be the last time he'd see her.

"It's like this morning... I pulled these blinds back and the sun was shining in. And I felt like it was her shining on me," Said Mock's boyfriend, Jeremy Gaines.
It's a light, Jeremy Gaines, says came from an angel.  A woman he calls the love of his life.

He says he walked his girlfriend, Ashley Mock, out to her car on Yarbrough Street to say goodnight, when the biggest nightmare of his life happened.

"She said, 'Jeremy, come give me one more hug.' So I did and went back out there and we were standing next to her door and I was giving her a hug and next thing I know, I heard the car coming and I turned around and by the time I looked... it was there," Said Gaines, who told us the crash happened so quickly, they couldn't move out of the way.

He immediately ran to check her pulse, but by then she was already gone.

Montgomery Police say the driver of that SUV, Kevin Crosskey, was charged with Reckless Murder. Now, a black bow, a shrine with photos and a candle light up the office at Premier Physical Therapy, where Ashley Mock once worked.

Mock's co-workers say coming back to work to see an empty seat has been tough.

She was so much more than just my co-worker and one of my technicians who helped me, she had turned into a real friend and I just want her to know how much I love her... And how much I miss her," Said Mock's co-worker, Laura Looney.

A woman she says always had a smile on her face and did anything to help others. And while Gaines say he's trying to recover, he says his heart has a long road ahead...

"I feel like she was the one for me, you know? And I know I won't find anybody like her again," Said Gaines.

Police say they're still investigating the cause of this crash.

We also reached out to Ashlee Mock's family, who told us they weren't ready to speak yet.
Crosskey is being held on a $75,000 bond. Police tell us Mock's death is the 16th traffic fatality this year.