Parent Files Bullying Claim Against Chilton Co. Schools


By Catalina Trivino

A Chilton County family is accusing the school system of neglecting to act on bullying in one of its schools after a parent files a claim saying their child was beat up at his school.

We're revealing the story behind a video of a teen beaten up in a school bathroom. And that student's parents say there was not enough disciplinary action taken against the students involved in that incident -- so she's taking action.

The cell phone video is low quality, but  one family says what's happening at this Chilton County Trade School is clear.

"It's awful... I'd never think something like that would happen to one of my kids. You don't know what you're seeing in your kids' school," Said the teen's mother, who we are not identifying.

In this video, the mother says it's her 16-year old son battling a beating in this crowded bathroom. The teen's mother says her son was the target of bullying that included physical assault ranging from being slapped in the classroom to being body-slammed in the bathroom not once, but twice.

Later, she says you see him being dragged into a bathroom stall and left there knocked unconscious.... eventually leading him to the emergency room.

It's a video she says is every parent's nightmare. And she feels the school system isn't doing enough to prevent bullying.

"It makes me angry at the school that would let something like this happen and I ... I don't really know how to explain it," Said the victim's mother.

Now, she's filing a claim against the Chilton County School system and attorneys are asking for a response back from school system officials or the school board's attorney within the next 10 days, indicating the steps that will be taken for further disciplinary measures to resolve the claim. She says suspensious given to the other students involved weren't enough.

"Bullying... I've had several other bullying cases come to me and I've had several schools in town and you know we've taken action, but this is the worst case," Said the victim's attorney, Julian McPhillips.