One-On-One With Outgoing Montgomery Police Chief Kevin Murphy


By Catalina Trivino

Montgomery Police Chief, Kevin Murphy, has been in the news all week with the retirement he's being forced to take in September.

He sits down for a one-on-one interview with reporter, Catalina Trivino -- away from Monday's heated news conference, so he can share what's in his heart. This month, he's lost his twin brother and his job, but he is thinking about a new way to serve the people of Montgomery.

While Murphy's leave is being called a "retirement," he says he feels like he's been fired.

"The Mayor told me you are not returning as chief of police of the city of Montgomery and I asked him if I could return. That I wanted to be his chief, that I wanted to be the city of Montgomery's Chief, I want to come back to work and finish what I started and he said it's not going to happen," Said Murphy.

"With all this that has taken place, do you feel like your name has been slandered?" Asked Trivino.

"Well, some of the accusations about a hostile work environment, which is a very serious EEOC complaint, which requires a formal investigation. And under the city policy, you have to put it in writing, it has to be signed, it has to be formally investigated. And you know, at the press conference Monday the mayor indicated no formal investigation took place, rather an inquiry. And I have some serious questions as to the discharge of the police chief for the city of Montgomery on merely just an inquiry," Said Murphy.

"Chief, how do you feel about the manner in which you were released?" Asked Trivino.

"I think it was unconsionable -- a week after a buried my twin brother. I was devastated by his death. And then to lose my brother (Pat Murphy) and my job in 13 days it was pretty tough," Said Murphy.

"For Pat [Murphy]  who could be here listening in on us today, what's a message you have for him?" Asked Trivino.

"Oh I love him, he'll always be a part of my life. He needs to know that we're going to forge ahead," Said Murphy.

"Would you consider running for mayor?" Asked Trivino.

"Yes, I would," Said Murphy. "Right now, I have had a lot of thoughts. But I haven't made any decisions."

Murphy says he ultimately works at the pleasure of the mayor and respects his decision, but he says has too many unanswered questions and wants city leaders to bring the facts out in a public forum.

Murphy did make it clear that he had a good relationship with Mayor Todd Strange and Public Safety Director, Chris Murphy, but there were disagreements -- just like in every work place.

Murphy is on paid administrative leave until his retirement on September 30.