One-On-One With Montgomery Interim Police Chief John Brown


By Catalina Trivino

Tonight from Montgomery -- Moving the police department forward with the impending retirement of Police Chief, Kevin Murphy, who doesn't want to go.

Reporter Catalina Trivino sat down one-on-one with appointed Interim Police Chief, John Brown, to hear how he plans to bring this department back together.

"Chief, in moving forward after all of this, what do you think this department needs the most?" Asked Trivino.

"Healing is what I think we need. Anytime, and I said this yesterday, anytime an agency or an institution goes through a change like we're experiencing, there's going to be questions," Said Brown, who's spent 26 years with the department. He's worked from patrol to the investigative division. Most recently, he served as the Chief Of Staff with the department.

"There's going to be questions that need to be answered at times. There's a rip and in doing so, you have to go back in and you have to do a lot of healing," Said Brown.

"After all of this trauma, what's the focus for you?" Asked Trivino.

"The neigbors are getting to know these police officers that are working in their districts and working in their areas, in their precincts, so when they see crime happens, that one of the things they do," Said Brown. "They may call an officer, they're familiar with that officer, so I want to continue the relationships that we have with our citizens here in Montgomery."

"The work still continues here, regardless of what happens." Said Trivino.

"It's being taken care of and I think the citizens need to know that, as well. That they have a police department  that's here, they have a police department that's responsible, and that they don't have to worry about all of the distractions that are happening. We're still answering calls, we're still policying and we're still their police department," Said Brown.

Chief Brown says he has not been in contact with Chief Murphy, he's been getting his advice from Public Safety Director, Chris Murphy.

So will Brown be applying for the job? He says it is too early to know -- his first task is to move the police department over this hump.

Brown was second in command in the police department before becoming Interim Police Chief.