New Wilcox Co. School Superintendent is On the Job


By George McDonald

From the CBS 8 West Alabama Newsroom--  It's the first day on the job for the new superintendent of the Wilcox County school system.

Tyrone Yarbrough was selected as the new superintendent by the school board last Wednesday. He spent his first day touring schools and meeting faculty and staff.

Yarbrough says he'll spend the next few weeks making an assessment of the system.

"I want to visit the schools, talk with the teachers, participate in different meetings where I can provide some input and listen to a lot of different people and get some idea about what's positive going on in the school district and also some areas that might need a little tweaking to improve it," he said.

A group of residents threatened to pull their children out of school to protest the board's hiring of someone from outside the county.

School officials say student attendance was down Monday - but only slightly.