New Arena Set to Bring Recruits, Fans to Troy University


By Brittany Bivins

It’s been a few weeks since Troy University cut the ribbon on its newest project, a 40 million dollar arena that will house the basketball, volleyball and track programs.

It’s an investment university leaders say is paying off before its first game 

"When I came here, if you could see the campus then and see it now, you wouldn't even recognize it, and the new arena is just another indication that we never, ever get complacent," said Don Maestri, men’s basketball coach.
It’s got all the bells and whistles: new scoreboards, twice as much seating for fans, and a fresh new look. Officially, Trojan Arena will be home to basketball, volleyball and the track team, but the university will also use it for graduations and other big events.
That could be good for revenue, too, as the university tries to pack the seats for home games. "You have good crowds and the band's going, and the video boards, it creates an atmosphere of excitement,” said Maestri.
That excitement tends to go beyond a single game, said Chandra Rigby, women’s basketball coach. “It’s just elevated the morale, the mood. They believe that new things are going on here, and the new arena, it's just like an aesthetic reminder of it,” she said.
That plays over to recruiting too, says Rigby, as Troy works to fill its rosters with the best. “We won't lose a recruit ever again because of lack of facilities or because somebody else has a better arena than us,” she said.
Men’s coach Maestri agreed. “I think recruiting season will be one of our best. We've got something to show a recruit now that is second to none,” he said
In addition to the new arena, several other building projects are in the works at Troy University...including a new dorm and a band hall. The arena will open for its first home game on November 9th.