Neighbors Say Centennial Hill, Former Tulane Court Complex, Is Safer


By Catalina Trivino

From Montgomery -- the new Plaza at Centennial Hill housing development has replaced the old Tulane Court neighborhood, which had been the scene of a lot of crime. So do people feel safer in their new neighborhood?

New tenants have been moving into the new neighborhood -- a place Montgomery police say used to have a lot of crime. And as the buildings go up, tenants hope it also cleans up crime in the area...

For the last two years, drivers passing by the site on Hall Street near downtown Montgomery have seen the buildings go up. The complex is called the Plaza at Centennial Hill, the former site of Tulane Court, a place where crime happened almost everyday and safety was always on neighbors minds.

"I'd be in the bed at 1 a.m. and boom! Boom! Boom! I hit the floor. There have been days where I've slept in the bathtub," Said Theresa Tisdell, who lived at Tulane Court, and now lives in Centennial Hill.

"That area typically had some crime issues," Said Liutenant, Regina Duckett, with the Montgomery police department. She says she hopes that crime there is a thing of the past. And as buildings go up, crime will go down.

"To my knowledge, and looking at our stats right now, we haven't seen any issues in that area. I know years past, there have been some crime concerns in that area," Said Duckett.

And while the area has had it's past, Montgomery Mayor, Todd Strange, believes the neighborhood has a bright future.

"Because within this complex, [the housing authority is] going to have some market driven units as well and trying to get some retail in there. It's really the essence of what's good about affordable housing, so that we can reclaim and recapture that whole neighborhood and it will just be an impetus for all the other development that will take place there," Said Mayor Strange.

A future with not only retail and new development, but also less crime. And Tisdell says it's already better.

"There have been nothing, nothing that I know of because I live on the back porch! And nothing is going on haha," Said Tisdell.

Officers tell us they hope as new tenants move into the new apartments, constant crime in that neighborhood will be a thing of the past...

And property managers want to keep it that way. So they're having police patrol the neighborhood everyday and office and maintenance employees are doing property walks everyday, as well.

The mayor says the second phase of the project will be complete in the next six months.

Montgomery Police say they'll compile comparison statistics for the neighborhood once most of the apartments are full.