Mtgy. Police Search for Two Suspects Involved in Church Robbery


By Jessica Gertler

Police are searching for two armed men they say robbed a church in Montgomery off Highland Avenue.

"I've been here going on 11 years, and we have never had anything like this remotely happen," says Ezekiel Pettway.

Pettway is the pastor at Maggie Street Missionary Baptist Church. Every Monday morning, he calls the church secretary to check in.

"All of a sudden she began screaming. I thought someone was playing a joke, but the phone went dead," he says.

Pettway called back several times, but no one answered.

"Maybe ten minutes later I got a call, and she informed me she had been robbed," he says.

Pettway says the two robbers entered through the back gate, walked up this pathway, and then knocked on the back door.

"The next thing we know, two masked guys came in, and we were robbed," he says.

Pettway says the robbers struck one of the employees, and then made away with Sunday's offerings.

Police say it's a shame working an incident like this.

"Any kind of robbery in general is a terrible thing," says Lt. Regina Duckett. "Especially when it happens at a church like this, and these people and church are here for the community ."

Timothy Whetstone has been a member at Maggie Street Missionary Baptist for more than 30 years.

"I wish they would have just come in and asked for help. I'm sure there would have been some way to have helped them," says Whetstone.

Pettway says his church is known for giving, and that money would have been used to help those in need.

"We hope that whoever did this will have some type of broken heart about it," he says.

Pettway says he will be adding surveillance around the church to prevent something like this from happening again.

There were no serious injuries.

Police say they are looking for two black males, last seen wearing dark hoodies and blue jeans. If you have any information, please call Montgomery Police Department at  (334) 625-2831.