More Stores For High Point Town Center


By Amanda Wade

High Point Town Center opened in 2008 with few stores to fill it, but the mayor says he believes Prattville weathered an economic storm and good things are on the way for the shopping center and the city.

High Point has been under new ownership for just over a year. We last updated you on its progress in September of 2013. Even thought it looks almost the same today, change is on its way. Two restaurants, The Wharf and Mid Town Pizza, are moving in along with ADT Security Headquarters and Anderson McCAll Beauty Supply.
"To me, it just shows that people have a little bit more confidence getting out there and making an investment, because that's exactly what these businesses are doing," says Prattville Mayor, Bill Gillespie.
But it hasn't always been like that. The 900,000 square feet shopping center went on the auction block in July 2011. Most of the stores sat empty at that time, keeping some potential customers away. Sandy Roberts, one of those potential customers, says this when asked if she would come to Prattville from Montgomery to shop if there were more stores, "Oh yeah! Yeah, I love the shopping mall up here. I love it. We just need some more good stores and some more good eating places."
Kinnucan's opened in 2013, and managers say the new businesses will be good for them, too, "We couldn't be more thrilled to be honest with you! (laughs) We wouldn't want to see any less people, so the more that we fill up the stores, I think the more people will come to know Kinnucan's is here as well," says manager, Loren Smith. 
Shoppers also say they hope a little more competition in the area will bring in better bargains.