Cold Increases Occupants, Montgomery Salvation Army Shelter Needs Help


By Catalina Trivino

As the weather cools down in Montgomery, employees at the Montgomery Salvation Army say business is the busiest it's been all year -- but they're having problems keeping up...

With the cold weather kicking in, the Salvation Army is seeing an increased number of people looking for a roof over their heads -- and the number of turn-overs is worrying both employees and those in need of help.

Betty Dysart is 51-years old. She's been living in the Salvation Army Shelter for almost 2 months.

"I was very grateful, otherwise, I would have found myself... I don't know... just outdoors... and I don't know how to survive outdoors," Said Dysart.

Betty is only one of thousands of people the Salvation Army is trying to get off the streets. Employees say as much as ten people come in a night in hope of a place to stay, but with more people in need, comes another need -- more funding.

"Sometimes they have no where to go, no place to sleep, living under a bridge. I wouldn't want to do that myself, so this place is really needed to help [those] people find some kind of shelter on a cold night," Said employee, Richard Kaulka.

The Montgomery Salvation Army provides 76 beds for the homeless. When those beds are full, they either have to turn people away, or make room -- and that means someone has to leave -- whether they're ready or not.

"It worries me because when I first came here, I was told you have six months and then it was mentioned that it's a lot of people that's been calling trying to get in. So I don't have those 6 months," Said Mercedes Harris, who has been at shelter for about two weeks.

The Salvation Army offers food, clothes and blankets, but the more people helped, the less supplies in stock. The Salvation Army is asking for your help with any donations, whether it's in the form of clothing or money.

How to help:

There are five easy ways to donate using your check, credit card or direct debit: