Montgomery Roads Re-Open


By Catalina Trivino

In Montgomery, city and county roads have now been re-opened, but public safety officials say the roads aren't totally safe for travel.

The sun has come out a few times today,  and melted a lot of that ice and snow you've seen all day, but public officials say they're still a little worried. The problem is that since nightfall has hit, the temperature has dropped and now they're worried that what's melted will now ice the roads again.
It's day two of the winter storm and public service officials say the conditions are still the same as yesterday, imposing a 25 mile per hour speed limit for drivers. Leaving the interstates and most roadways empty. Schools are also closed on Thursday... 
"With the conditions of the roads and as many buses we have on the street in the morning we feel it will be unsafe to have the buses traveling," Said assistant superintendent of Montgomery Public Schools, Donald Dotson.
Meanwhile there have been nine crews sanding the roads, but public works officials say they're running into trouble -- just as they sand the roads, the sand is also freezing. But Mayor, Todd Strange, says they're using heavy equipment to break the ice.
"It helps dissipate it so we are taking garbage trucks that are not working today anyway and we got skilled drivers that are out there breaking ice when it's possible to do that," Said Strange.
The sun came out several times during the afternoon. Ice began to melt and while it looked like good news public works director, Chris Conway, says it's bad news as nightfall hits.
"Any of the areas that were iced and that may have melted, the potential to refreeze is always there," Said Conway.
As for safe and unsafe areas in Montgomery County, Mayor Strange says the interstates are looking better. The interchange, not so much. In downtown, Monroe Street and Jackson Street have seen a lot of ice. Highway 80 at Interstate 65 has also had a lot of problems there, as well.
The city maintanance department will resume sanding the roads early Thursday morning.
Mayor Strange says there were only 25 accidents today, compared to the 100 they saw yesterday.