Montgomery Police Search For Armed Bank Robber


By Catalina Trivino

The search is on for a bank robber last seen with a gun.

Montgomery Police say an armed robber walked through the doors at Compass Bank at the Normandale Centre shopping plaza, but how much money the he walked out with is still a mystery.

Carol Harrison has been banking at Compass Bank off Patton Avenue for about 25 years -- but it's the first time she's seen a sign saying the bank is closed. Montgomery Police say that's because of an armed bank robbery.

Harrison says she knows some of the tellers and while nobody was hurt, she's angry it happened.

"People get a job! I really really think you need to go to work and leave people's finances alone!" Said Harrison.

It's the message she has for the man who robbed the bank. Investigators are still trying to find out how much money was stolen.
"Any leads, information we get... trying to knock on doors. [And] next door, ask people if they saw anything, if they got a direction they traveled... [police] want to spread the units out in that direction and see if we can locate a possible description or anything that matches," Said Lt. Matthew Mara, investigator with the Montgomery Police Department.

Meanwhile police are searching the area on foot and have even brought in a helicopter to help.

They've even asked nearby businesses for help, as well. Tommy Lowrey, Manager at the Dollar General next door, says there are cameras throughout the shopping center, which he believes should help police find the the robber.

"We actually helped the police because they came in my office and looked at the footage from earlier before and after and we really didn't see that much," Said Lowrey who says he did not see anybody fleeing.

Police haven't released the type of vehicle the robber was in or in which direction he went.

Montgomery police have released a description of the suspect.

They say he is a 6'1" black male, weighing about 230 lbs. They say he is in his early to mid-thirties and was wearing a blue or black Dickies work jacket and a black baseball cap.

If you have information leading to an arrest you are asked to call the Montgomery Police Department at 334-241-2651.