Montgomery Police Dispute Witness Claims of Shots Fired in Eastdale Mall


By Tamika Bickham

Conflicting reports remain following an incident at Montgomery's Eastdale Mall Saturday night. Police have confirmed that two arrests were made Saturday after they responded to reports of a fight inside the mall, but witnesses are saying much more than punches were going off that night.

It appears people are throwing punches in what looks like montgomery's eastdale mall. The youtube user describes the video as "2012 fights in eastdale mall epic saturday night". It was a chaotic scene like this that mall shoppers say led to gunfire inside the mall... Around 8-30 saturday night.

"All I heard was pop, pop, pop and then everybody just scattered," said Stephen Carter.

CBS 8 photojournalist, Stephen Carter, was in the mall when he says gunfire erupted.

"Everybody just took off running and I knew it was gunshots. It was definitely gunshots," he said, "There's no doubt it was gunshots."

Shopper Isaac Turner says he heard the same thing.

"To me it sounded like gunshots," said Turner.

Several Youtube videos posted over the weekend appear to show what witnesses say happened next, stores closing their gates as large crowds search for the exits.

"Everyone started to run. People dodged into stores just to get away," said Turner.

It even appears in one video that someone is on the ground.

"Everybody was crying, calling their mom, dad saying 'I'm okay. I'm okay.' Calling the police. A bunch of people called the police," said Carter.

A spokesperson for Montgomery Police says they did respond to a report of a fight at Eastdale Mall, but as for any shots being fired, police say "that is false information".

Two were arrested following the incident, one juvenile and 18-year-old Christopher Williams who was charged with criminal trespass and disorderly conduct.

People who were in the mall that night, are sticking to their story.

"From the reaction, to me, it seemed like it was more than firecrackers or some prank," said Turner.

"I know for my own ears, I heard gunshots. I know what gunshots sound like," said Carter.

Many mall shoppers say they have serious concers about safety there and want to understand if the sound they heard wasn't gunshots, then what was it?

Representatives with Eastdale Mall did not return CBS 8's phone calls.