Montgomery Police Department Introduces New K-9


By Catalina Trivino

We're taking action against crime tonight. There's a new member of the Montgomery Police force -- and he's of the four legged variety!

She weighs about 50 lbs; standing 2.5 ft. tall; and sniffing is what she does best. Say hello to the 11-month-old Belgian Malinois, Charter. She's Montgomery Police Department's newest four-legged "officer" -- and her tricks go beyond your regular dog.

"It starts out with simple fetch. And then we start attaching the odor we want the dog to find in a toy they're looking for and then eventually we put the toys where they cant find the toys, so they've got to hunt it," Said K-9 Unit commander, Lt. Matt Higgins.

To Charter, finding the smell is just a game. But it's no game to officers or for you. The whole point of her addition is to help with drug searches and seizure operations.

"To add another animal so we can do more interdictions, so we can have available when we have to go in and look for drugs and other contraband," Said Montgomery Mayor, Todd Strange.

And if you're wondering where Charter's name came from, she was donated by Charter Communications as part of the company's charitable giving program back in December.

"She will help serve the city for years to come by helping protect them," Said Charter's Director Of Communications, Patti Michel.

But when Charter is off the clock, she gets to stay with her handler, just like any normal dog. She loves to play -- so playful, you just can't keep your hands off her. And she can't keep her paws or kisses off you.

A dog with not just a lot of love to offer, but has smarts, too.

"And it just keeps building  and keeps building until eventually they're just looking for that odor because they associate that with the game of finding the toy," Said Lt. Higgins.

Lt. Higgins is not Charter's handler. We couldn't show that person because they are  an undercover officer. But they did tell us off camera that Charter was chosen because a Malinois is much easier to train and her body is more nimble than that of a German Shepherd.

Charter is now the department's 13th K-9 officer.