Montgomery Honors Veterans


By Lisa Blackwell


Veterans who attended the ceremony received a token of appreciation, a "honored veterans" pin, which will be passed out to veterans at extended care facilities across the region.


Veterans were honored in Montgomery before a standing room only crowd at City Hall Auditorium.

The parade originally scheduled for Monday was canceled due to rainy weather.

Among retired military attending the ceremony were vietnam veterans who received a very different welcome when they returned home many years ago.

They say veterans day brings healing. Veterans received praise that so often goes unsaid. Each word giving comfort to those scarred by war. Mike Hester who fought in the vietnam war, says veterans day always stirs his emotions.

"It's just a healing process each time we're recognized we get a little bit of comfort," said Hester.

He says he feels a common bond with veterans of today's war.

"The one's who wanted us there were very appreciative but the ones that didn't they were very angry, just hostile against us and the iraqi war reminded me a lot of that," said Hester.

As the sounds of patriotic music filled the auditorium it brought healing to another vietnam veteran and grand marshall of the celebration retired Major Jerry Duncan.

"People today recognize that veterans do sacrifice a great deal not only the veterans but their families and their kids, everybody," said Duncan.

Duncan was shot five different times in the vietnam war and was awarded five purple hearts.

"It's the veterans that make this country free that's what it's all about that's why the veterans sacrifice so much for this country," said Duncan.